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Medical Professionals

Medical students, residents, fellows, allied and young professionals often find themselves in need of financial guidance after completing training.

After several years of dedication, work, and sacrifice, medical professionals transitioning from training are met with the reality of:

  • Large student loans
  • Managing debt in general
  • Insurance evaluation
  • Renting or buying a house or a car
  • Employment contracts
  • Employer benefit elections
  • Taxes
  • Establishing and tracking goals
  • Investment account guidance and management

MK3Wealth has established programs to assist you.  We want to help build your financial literacy during your training with unlimited access to our seasoned financial planners, tax professionals, and specialists, not just after graduation, but throughout life.  

Just as physicians spend endless hours building a tool box of techniques to best help their patients, we have established programs that assist, guide, and manage wealth.  Each technique is unique to each client and family we work with.